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 Term 1 Topic Plan For Parents


Term 1

Year 2 have had an exciting and busy first term.  In science we have been exploring the school grounds to find examples of things which are living, dead or have never been alive.  We looked at different habitats and micro-habitats and identified the animals and plants living there.  We wanted the children to reflect on their year 1 learning by recalling what they learnt about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.  We then built on this knowledge and understanding by introducing them to the idea of food chains.  The children were able to make connections to their learning on habitats by identifying that the sources of food within a food chain would have to be present within a particular animal’s habitat or micro-habitat. 


Who would have believed that Shrek would feature in our English lessons?  Well he did and we loved the engaging writing topic!  We also had a yummy time in English when we looked at the story of The Gingerbread Man and decorated one of the little fellows in class.

Puppets have been around for many, many years and we all love them.  In history we wanted the children to learn about puppets in the past and why they are still so popular today.  In design and technology we wanted the children to learn some basic sewing techniques and other simple ways of joining materials.  We all enjoyed making a range of different puppets including sewing and decorating a felt hand puppet, making a shadow puppet with a lever and designing finger puppets. 


We had a fantastic treat when we were visited by Wishworks who performed the live puppet show ‘Goldifox’.  This inspired us to use the puppets we had designed and made to create our own puppet shows.  


Term 2 Topic Plan For Parents

Term 2

In term 2 we have been learning about the Great Fire of London.  We wanted the children to understand how we find out about the past, particularly when events happened hundreds of years ago.  The children took on the role of history detectives and analysed and evaluated different sources of information to find out about the events of the Great Fire.  We learnt so much that we were able to become young Samuel Pepys’ and wrote our own diaries, detailing the events of the Fire and trying to empathise with how people must have felt who were actually there in 1666.  We also wrote our own adventure story about the Great Fire using the Oxford Reading Tree Magic Key books as our inspiration.  We loved becoming authors for the day when we wrote our stories in little booklets and added our own illustrations.  We spent a whole day on a design and technology project where we made Tudor houses.  We planned our designs carefully before making them and then evaluated our houses.  In art we analysed and evaluated an image depicting the Great Fire and identified the different techniques used.  We then explored different drawing techniques in using pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space to create our own interpretation of the Fire.  We also looked at the work of Sir Christopher Wren and how he designed the ‘new’ St Paul’s Cathedral after the Fire.  We analysed different features of the cathedral and learnt how to shade in order to show different levels in darkness.  The end of our topic came to a brilliant conclusion when we took part in a fantastic drama workshop all about the Great Fire of London.



In science we have been identifying and comparing the suitability of a variety of everyday materials for particular uses.  We went out and about to see how materials were used in and around our school.  We were brilliant scientists and carried out some tests on different materials.  We got extremely messy when we made our own goo!  We then used this to learn how the shape of some materials can be changed by twisting, stretching, bending and squashing.


In RE we have been learning about special and sacred times. We identified some ways in which Christians celebrate Christmas and how Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah. We made connections between these two festivals including how they both emphasise light and take place during the darkest days of winter.      

Term 3 Topic Plan for Parents

Term 3

Our exciting topic for term 3 was ‘We Could Be Heroes’.  We loved seeing so many different characters come to school on our ‘Hero Dressing Up Day’.

We were sent a very important and top secret mission to look after the Queen’s jewels.  Unfortunately, during one weekend, the jewels were taken by a criminal mastermind!  We all became members of the SSS (Secret Superheroes Society) and worked together to solve some clues which revealed where the jewels had been hidden.  Luckily, we found them all!

In art we looked at the work of Andy Warhol and designed our own Superhero logo in Warhol’s pop art style.

We have been looking at the lives of real life heroes such as Florence Nightingale and local charity workers. We found out about the work of the RSPCA Garden Cattery in Ashford and the amazing work they do in rehoming cats and kittens.  Some of us even got the chance to visit the cattery and loved spending some time with our new fluffy friends!


In PE, we have been developing batting and throwing and catching during our cricket lessons.

Term 4 Topic Plan for Parents

Term 4

Roll Up, Roll Up!  Hear how exciting our topic has been this term!

We have been using the Mantle of the Expert education approach as an introduction to this term’s topic called Roll Up, Roll Up!  This uses an imaginary context where the children take on the responsibilities of an expert team.  As the team, they are commissioned by a client to work on an assignment, which has been planned to generate tasks and activities that will involve them in studying and developing wide areas of the curriculum.  We have been cast as a team of experts who are helping Ashford Borough Council to organise a circus experience for all Ashford school children.  We have been writing persuasive and descriptive adverts to recruit performers to our circus.  We worked collaboratively to devise an activity based circus game.  We then wrote instructions so that others could follow these and enjoy playing our games.  It was great fun!  In PE we have created and performed our own dances based on the theme of clowns, tight-rope walkers and acrobats.


We had a brilliant day when we were visited by the Circus Allstars!  The day started with an assembly by the expert circus instructor, Rob.  He performed difficult circus tricks and demonstrated the circus skills we would be learning during the day.  We learnt how to tight-wire, juggle, spin plates, balance feathers, control a diabolo and walk on stilts.  It was amazing!


In science we have been learning about the importance of eating the right amounts of different types of food.  After finding out about the different food groups, we used our knowledge to create our own plate of healthy food.  This linked to our learning in design and technology where we made connections by preparing a healthy food wrap.  Not only were they nutritious, they were delicious too!

Enrichment Opportunities for Year 2

Here are some of the opportunities year two experience in their enrichment afternoon which happens every Wednesday.  We offer a whole host of wider opportunities ranging from learning to become a ‘tiny teacher’; learning to lead in leadership games; the importance of first aid; knowledge and understanding of the world; writing newsletters in ‘press gang’; and computing.  Read below to find out in more detail what these enrichment sessions entail.



Tiny Teachers

In tiny teachers, year two pupils have the opportunity to discuss the skills of a teacher and carry out these skills with pupils from Reception.  This includes:

  • Discussing the expectations of behaviour
  • Finding and using resources that will support the children
  • Practise telling stories out loud for an audience
  • Researching what Reception children like to do by asking them questions
  • Making a board game to play with younger children
  • Interacting with other children and giving them tips to support
  • Designing a questionnaire to find out what makes children in Reception happy

Leadership Games

Leadership games is another opportunity for pupils to take part in sporting activities.  These sessions help our pupils to improve their communication skills, gross and fine motor skills and work as part of a team.  We create circuit courses for pupils to complete, play fun engaging games and take part in relay races as well as learning the skills appropriate to play hockey and football.

First Aid

During First Aid, the children are given the opportunity to recognise possible risks and hazards out and about, as well as in their home, in order to keep themselves safe.  Pupils are then shown how to deal with situations if they do arise, such as burns or broken bones and who to call in an emergency.   


Computing allows pupils to further develop their skills and knowledge of computing.  During the enrichment time, the children enjoy using a range of resources including Laptops, i-Pads and Bee-bots.  We cover E-safety and children learn what to do if they feel unsafe online.  We also look at programming using a variety of software.  The children learn what an algorithm is and how to debug programs to ensure they run correctly.  They learn how to write their own program using Scratch software to create and play each other's games to peer assess each other's work.  

Knowledge and Understanding of The World

These sessions give pupils more opportunities to learn about the wider world and how other people live. The children research different countries and their famous landmarks and present this information in a variety of ways.  They also discuss environmental issues like recycling, water usage and being more eco-friendly.  Pupils also have the opportunity to be the Prime Minister for a day and learn to work as a team to design and construct a bridge.

Press Gang

Each term at Willesborough Infant school a group of our year two children, known as the Press Gang, get together and, with the help of Mrs King, write a newsletter.  They decide on the content and write each of the pieces themselves. 

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Home Learning Challenges

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This is more for printouts, and usually at a fee, but they are offering a month of free access to parents in the event of school closures.

You can access English resources such as tricky word mats, letter formation sheets and jolly phonics sounds mats on the school's website. Link below.

You can read a range of free, Oxford Reading Tree texts via the Oxford Owl website. It is free to subscribe!

Keep up to date with your phonics knowledge by accessing a range of online games on phonics play. There is free access to all games using; username: march20 password: home

For a fun, interactive 100 square, use;


Here is a power point you may like to share with your child. It will help them to understand what Covid - 19 is and help them with their worries. Click below

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