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Term 1 Topic Map

What an exciting first term in Year 2! From exploring charcoal, mark making and sketching, the children have thoroughly enjoyed art this term! The children have become explorers, going on a treasure hunt on the playground using compasses. During science this term, the children have learnt about living things and their habitats. They were expert habitat explorers around our school. It was a delight to see so many parents at our learning cafe. What a fantastic first term!


Term 2 Topic Map

What a fantastic term for Year 2! The children enjoyed becoming historians and discovering all about the Great Fire of London, as well as thinking about designing a modern London. They enjoyed our stories this term, including 'The Runaway Gingerbread Man' and 'The Jolly Christmas Postman'. They especially enjoyed creating their own gingerbread dough to take home with them. As scientists, we have been observing materials and seeing how they can change when using a force, including squashing, bending and twisting. We were 'wowed' by the children's hand puppet creations this term too. Well done Year 2.

Term 3 Topic Map

What a fantastic term we have had! We arrived on the last day to find that the children and teachers had been replaced by real life superheroes. What a super day we had, designing their own superheroes, creating comics and completing superhero challenges. Throughout the term, we learnt about significant people and how their heroic deeds have saved, shaped and inspired our lives today. One of these people was Sir David Attenborough. The children's passion for looking after their local environment and the world shone through. During art, the children analysed the designs of architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser and even designed and created their own buildings! Working as scientists this term, the children observed the life cycles of animals including humans as well as looking at needs for survival.


Term 4 Topic Map

The circus has come to town! The children amazed us with their acrobats, juggling and other circus skills. Who knew that so many plates could be spun at one time? The children enjoyed reading our core text 'Leon and the Place Between' which ignited some creative writing and imagination. Florence Nightingale and Edith Cavell's legacies were explored and the children are now very knowledgeable about their significance in history. They were also inspired during RE when learning about Muslim Holy places to create their own special places from Lego. We are always amazed by the children's sportsmanship during PE and they were fantastic when playing invasion games this term. 

Term 5 Topic Map


 Year 2 Learning Cafe

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