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Term 1 Topic Map

The year 1 children have made a great start to the new academic year. They are loving their new ‘Let’s Explore’ areas which include: the yard, the garden, the playground and the corridor. During Let’s Explore time, the children have been engaged in writing activities, construction, imaginative play in the role play areas, water play, drawing, sand play, maths activities and lots more!

They have been learning about different animal classification in science and how animals are grouped according to their features. In art, the children have been exploring different lines. They had great fun drawing spirals, using chalk, on the playgrounds. You might have seen their designs yourselves.


Term 2 Topic Map

The term started off with a culinary delight when the children made an apple crumble during design and technology. The children created their crumble by peeling, chopping, sprinkling and rubbing the ingredients together, carefully following the recipe. Not forgetting the importance of having clean hands and being safe and careful with the cooking utensils. The friendly kitchen staff helped us to cook our crumble and then, the best part, we got to taste it!

          Have you met Isaac? Isaac is a hedgehog from the story ‘The Very Helpful Hedgehog’.  He ‘visited’ our classrooms this term so that the year one children could reflect on ways in which we can help hedgehogs during the winter. We recalled all our previous animal knowledge and read a range of key facts to create written information on how we can help our prickly friends in the colder months.


Term 3 Topic Map

The children have been learning about sculpture in art this term. The exploration started with careful looking and drawing, and from this grounded basis children were encouraged to take creative risks by using experimental mark-making with a variety of media. The children then explored how they could manipulate their drawings in an intuitive way to make 3D forms. Paper was twisted, folded, crumpled to become 3D and added to a simple structure. The children explored balance to finally create an individual bird.

Term 4 Topic Map

In design and technology this term, year 1 have been looking at windmills. The children identified the different features of windmills including the structure, axle and turbine. They then designed, constructed and evaluated their own windmills. The completed products looked superb!

Term 5 Topic Map

Term 6 Topic Map


Year 1 Learning Cafe

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