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The Equality Working Party meets three times a year to discuss issues relating to equality at school, at all levels. 

The working party is made up of staff members, parents and governors.  If you would like to be a member of this working party please enquire at the school office.

At Willesborugh Infant School we promote equality to ensure that everyone is able to participate fully in all aspects of school life on an equal footing.  We celebrate diversity, acknowledging that there are differences between people which should be recognised, respected and celebrated.  We aim to ensure that everybody is aware of the Equality Scheme and on going adjustment are made to support and promote inclusion at all levels.

Spiritual, Emotional, Social and Cultural Development

Through our broad and balanced curriculum and assembly themes children consider cultures from other parts of the world.

During International week we invite parents, teaching staff, members of the school community and governing body to promote their cultures and give the children a wealth of opportunities to broaden their knowledge.  Children are always interested in learning new languages, tasting new food and experiencing traditions.  These experiences enable our children to develop their understanding of different cultures and support their knowledge of the world.

We enhance children’s knowledge and understanding of different faiths and beliefs by participating in a range of celebrations throughout the year.  Our children are taught to respect everyone regardless of their faith and beliefs.  We encourage children to listen to the beliefs of each other and ensure that they build respect for others whose opinion may differ from their own.

As a parent/guardian you have the right to withdraw your child from RE lessons and acts of Collective Worship.  Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you would like your child to be withdrawn. 

Equality Working Party Minutes