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At the Willesborough Schools, our children will be equipped with the scientific knowledge, skills and conceptual understanding to enable them to think and work scientifically.  Our learners are constantly challenged to develop their critical thinking skills and their ability to analyse and evaluate.  We believe that development in science follows naturally from the early years where children begin to develop their enjoyment and inspiration of our world.  We develop their sense of excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena, allowing them to make connections between science and the real world.

At the Willesborough Schools we follow the National Curriculum and teach science lessons in an exciting and innovative way.  Our engaging curriculum provides learners with many opportunities to apply and embed their knowledge and use it in practical investigations, where their skills of scientific enquiry develop.  

Science Curriculum 

Science Overview

Science Vocabulary

Home Learning

During our school closure, our teachers pre-recorded lessons for the children to access at home with their families. Here are some examples of our science lessons:

Year 1

Year 2

Science Club

Some of our year two children enhanced their curiosity and excitement about all things science in science club!  They explored magnets, used a cabbage indicator and pH paper to test for acid and alkaline and set off alka seltzer rockets.  They virtually explored the human body with the fascinating curiscope virtuali-tee and played lots of fun games to represent blood travelling around the body.  As if that wasn't exciting enough... they made balloon hovercrafts, watched a fire snake being made with a bunsen burner and took part in lots of exciting experiments!  To name just a few, some of the children's favourites were: the skittles rainbow experiment, the germ experiment with water and pepper, slime making and watching the 'ghost' tea bag fly!  It goes without saying, they got a little messy in each session (although stayed safe by wearing goggles!) and had a brilliant time.  Thank you to The Science Lady, Becca, for all of the fun and science knowledge!

We've put together a little screen show of what they did - take a look!