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Parent Support 

Parent Support

Anna, our school FLO works every day during the school week from 8.00am until 4.00pm and is always available to offer you help, advice and support.  She is supported by Kelly, who works 8.30 until 12.30 everyday. This may be related to school or other aspects of family life.  They have lots of contacts in the Ashford area and is happy to help you access provision, if it is appropriate.

The FLOs work across the Willesborough Schools.  Their main office is in the junior school but they can meet you on either site.  They can be found most mornings between 8.45am and 9:00am around the infant and junior school playgrounds. 

Every Monday there is a 'Helping Hands' session at Willesborough Junior School which runs from 9.00am until 10.00am.  This is an opportunity for parents and carers to gather together and enjoy cake, coffee and a chat whilst making resources for our teachers to use with the children.  Please let the FLOs or the office know if you are interested in joining the Helping Hands group.

Throughout the year there are many opportunities for parents to come in and get more involved in our school with the introduction of coffee mornings and afternoon tea.