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Assemblies are an important part of our day.  We come together to share our thoughts and feelings.  We explore different themes, ideas, special events, current affairs, how we can stay safe and important days. We celebrate our pupil’s achievements and attendance each week in a Shine assembly. 

We love having visitors: 

Jean and her dog Ralph from the Blue Cross

Mark from Willesborough Baptist church

Sam from New frontiers

Reverend Watson from Christchurch

Celebration Assembly

Every Friday we have a celebration assembly for all children in EYFS and KS1.

During this assembly, a member of each class is awarded with the ‘Shine’ award, ‘Awesome Author’ award, 'WOW' award and ‘WISKA’ award.  Each week the class teachers nominate children to receive these special awards.

To gain one of these special awards, the children will have demonstrated at least one of our core values; 

                             Leadership, aspiration, responsibility, respect, determination. 

'Shine Award'

The 'Shine' award is presented to children who have shown an exceptional commitment to behaviour throughout the week.  

They may have been excellent listeners who have supported their peers; they may have shown empathy towards their peers or may have shown a great commitment to behaviour for learning.  It could be a multitude of reasons!  The children receive a special 'You Shine' badge which they wear with pride.


‘Awesome Author’ Award

Our 'Awesome Author' awards are for those children who have worked particularly hard on their writing that week.

These children have been working towards their individual targets and are always keen to share how they have particularly shone in their writing that week.  This is a badge that the children proudly wear. 

‘WISKA’ (Willesborough Infant School Kindness Award)

Our teaching staff nominate children who have been particularly kind.  This is a badge that the children proudly wear.

‘WOW’(Willesborough Outstanding Work) award

Our ‘WOW’ awards are for those who have worked particularly hard in any of the foundation subjects.

These children have shown a particular depth of understanding or have developed a skill within one of the foundation subjects taught that week. Examples include exploring lines within art, categorising animals in science or discussing skills or techniques within PE lessons. Their work is proudly displayed in the main corridor in the school for their peers to see their success.

Mini Midday Award

Year two children are encouraged to develop their responsibility and leadership.  They work towards a ‘Mini Midday Award’, which they receive in assembly. 

Throughout the year all of our year two children have the opportunity to be ‘Mini Middays’.  When your child is a Mini Midday they have a responsible job to undertake at lunchtime and even wear their own uniforms - just like our Midday Leaders!  Mini Middays help the children in Year R (EYFS) and Year 1 to cut up their food if they are having difficulty, support them in making choices about their puddings and many other jobs. At the end of the term they are presented with their Mini Midday Award which is a badge that they proudly wear.