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Green Gang

Introducing our 2021 Green Gang! 

Wow! Our new year one and year two Green Gang, have certainly hit the ground running. Since October they have;

* Reminded the staff about how they can safe energy

* Met with Liz,  Willesborough's Green Party Councillor 

* Got free trees and planted them around the school grounds

* Arranged a second hand uniform sale to raise money to help the World Wildlife Fund 

There are 15 Green Gang members, led by Mrs Kingsnorth. Our Green Party Councillor is very impressed with their work! 


Green Gang 2019

Hi!  We are The Green Gang.  After an assembly on climate change and looking after our world, we nominated ourselves to be part of the new Green Gang.  We nominated ourselves because we want to play our part in protecting and looking after our environment.


Welcome to our section of the website and here’s the gang:

Thomas and Poppy – Phoenix

Abigail and Maria – Pegasus 

Heslyn and Thomas – Dragons

Emilia and Eddy - Unicorns


We started by finding out just how ‘green’ we already are at WIS.  We walked around the school looking for examples of how we are trying to care for and protect our environment.

We were quite impressed by what we found.  Here are some of our ‘green’ findings:

  • Most outside doors were shut
  • Taps in the toilets were turned off
  • Lots of green recycling bins for paper
  • Recycling batteries
  • Some lovely garden areas to attract pollinators
  • Lights turned off in some rooms that were not being used




We also looked at ways in which we could be ‘greener’:

  • Turn off the hall lights when it is not being used
  • Close ALL outside doors
  • Make sure we are not printing/photocopying sheets that are not being used
  • We could have more recycling bins as these get full quite quickly




We reflected on the ways in which we could be ‘greener’ at WIS and decided to make some posters to remind everyone to care for our school environment.




We walked round the school and looked for good places to put up the posters.

Can you spot them around school?

Are people taking notice of them?


The Green Gang have entered the RHS Shows Schools' Competition.  ​This year, in a bid to raise awareness of biodiversity and native species decline, the focus of the Hampton Court Garden Festival schools' competition is on wildlife homes.

The Green Gang have all designed a wildlife home for insects and birds based on the theme of the Willesborough windmill.



Fingers crossed that our design gets accepted.  We'll keep you posted!  


Grow Your Own Potatoes Project

The Green Gang have entered the Grow Your Own Potatoes competition to see how many 'spuds' they can grow in one grow bag from three seed potatoes.




We planted the seed potatoes on Tuesday 3rd March.  Who knew that growing potatoes could be such fun!

Beneath the Soil Project

We have planted one of the Rocket seed potatoes in a clear plastic bottle. This activity will let us see what happens ‘beneath the soil’ and how the potatoes are formed.