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Term 1 Topic Map

The children in EYFS have had so much fun during their first couple of weeks of school. We have been very busy recognising our names and having a go at writing them too. We have loved exploring our outside areas and working together! During 'Let’s Explore' times we have been building using the tools and helping our friends when it’s time to tidy. We have loved exploring our outside areas and had so fun much seeing the effects of the rain and creating wet footprints with our wellies. The children have been learning some new sounds in phonics and have been naming and recognising some shapes in maths. We have already made so many friends and the Owls class, Badgers class, Foxes class and Hedgehogs class have all settled into school life well.

Term 2 Topic Map

This term EYFS have been getting even more settled into school life. We have been busy learning even more sounds in phonics, beginning to segment and blend to read words too! We have had lots of fun learning how to subitise amounts and have become super subitisers in maths! Our 'Let’s Explore' times have been full of fun, exploration and investigating as we continue to problem solve and make links with our learning. The children have been thinking about 'Our Colourful World' and have talked about all things colourful and wonderful, noticing the changes in seasons and exploring mixing colours, learning all about the primary colours too!

Term 3 Topic Map

Reception had so much fun learning about people who help us and all of the different jobs they do. We loved having some of our parents come in to talk to us about their jobs and answer some of our questions. We learned about so many different types of jobs and how they help us! The children looked amazing all dressed up for their career’s day and it was so great to see so many families enjoy the career’s fair too! We loved learning about vets helping animals, police helping people, firefighters saving people and post workers delivering our letters. We even walked to the post office to post our own letters home and watch them be delivered! We loved celebrating Chinese New Year, making decorations, learning about traditions and using our role play. In our Phonics learning, we are continuing to learn new sounds while using our knowledge of existing sounds to segment and blend words and sentences. We are also getting very speedy at recognising our helpful words! In our Maths learning during Term 3, we looked at finding different ways of making up the numbers 6, 7, 8 and 9, while continuing to practise our super subitising skills. The term finished with International Week, where the children had so much fun learning about a different country and sharing their knowledge with the grown ups in Walk in Wednesday. We had an amazing Term 3 and can’t wait to share more fun from Term 4 with you all.

Term 4 Topic Map

EYFS Phonics and Reading Workshop

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