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April 2022

All Covid restrictions have now lifted. If you have any questions or would like advice about Covid related issue, please don't hesitate to ask us.

Willesborough Infant School Covid risk assessment April 2022

Pupil Premium and Recovery Strategy 2021/22



How fantastic it is to be back to normal! We have left some of the historic information relating to the pandemic below. Thankfully, it does not apply to how things are now. 

We  put together some information that will help you to understand the adaptations we have put in place, in preparation for the return of all pupils  during the Covid-19 crisis. 

The safety and wellbeing of children, staff, parents and carers is our utmost priority and we had a clear action plan, measured against risk assessments, in place.  Things were very different.  We worked tirelessly to make sure that the children's wellbeing and involvement remained high and their enjoyment of school and all it has to offer continued to grow.

We were determined to give The Willesborough children and families the enriching opportunities they deserved, and found ways to achieve these.  

Reception Visits risk assessment

Sports Day risk assessment

Year Six Performance risk assessment


We had to stagger the times of the school days to enable social distancing

returning to school in march guidance.pdf

We wrote letters to parents to set out how things would look for a while, when we returned to school. 

EYFS Return to School Parent Letter

Year 1 Return to School Parent Letter

Year 2 Return to School Parent Letter

Reception, Year One and Year Two

We created maps and illustrations to show how social distancing would work. 

You can access the site from both Highfield and Church Road to drop off and pick up your child/children.  We have created a map for you to view how your child/children will be accessing their classrooms.  There will be members of staff on hand to support you in the morning and afternoon.  We ask that you do not drive onto the school site and you remain two meters apart at all times.

We found lots of different ways of presenting the changes to children. 

Here is a social story for Reception, Year One and Year Two children about how school will be when they return:

returning to school march 2021.pdf


We shared information about playtime bubbles and how we would ensure that the children not only stayed safe but had fun. 

Our playtimes will be staggered.  Not all the children will be on the playground at the same time.  The children will access break times in their class bubbles with their key adults.  We have carefully considered activities that children can enjoy with their adult whilst ensuring social distancing.  Below are some examples of these activities;  


We adapted the classroom layouts.  Here are some photos: 

classrooms in march 2021.pdf