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School Council Meeting – Monday 18th September

Wow – what a great first meeting! After nominating themselves and being elected in their classes, we have a brand new School Council for this term!

Please meet:

Chloe and Harry - Lions

Reuben and Lillie-Rae - Elephants

Sam and Jasmine – Giraffes

Ghazal and Isaac - Pandas

Hadley and Elliott S – Wright Brothers

Maaleah and Alfie – Cousteau

Violet and Zachary - Darling

Jessica and Thomas – Vivaldi


We are all very excited to be representing our classes and we were definitely not short of ideas about how to improve the school! We came up with some great suggestions and have already made a plan for our very first monitoring task…watch this space!

Monday 25th September 2023


Examples we saw


·       The mini midday’s were doing a fantastic job at helping to support the children – serving them their water, putting out the cutlery


·       Children were using good manners

·       Children were eating nicely


·       The mini middays were doing a great job

·       The children sitting at the tables were setting a great example by sitting nicely


·       One of the mini middays found it tricky to pour the water but he was determined to do it

·       We saw a child struggling to open their packet of crisps so they asked their friend and they managed to help them!


·       Children were following the rules by walking sensibly around the hall


Action points:

  • Could we play some calm, relaxing music in the hall whilst children eat? The school council children think this will make for a calmer environment and will help to keep the noise level down
  • The school council children will create some posters to put up in the hall to remind children to remember their manners – especially their pleases and thank yous 

Monday 9th October 2023

We had a very busy meeting this week! We arranged to meet with the midday supervisors to give them our feedback on lunchtime provision. We discussed our ideas to improve lunchtimes, specifically regarding football. The midday supervisors were very supportive and we are going to implement the ‘football zone’ and the ‘red and yellow’ card system next week! We also thanked the midday supervisors for the fantastic job they do.

Action points:

· Children need to understand the rules of football so they can play nicely together – maybe an assembly and class teachers could talk to children about it? Maybe Mr Greenfield could help?

· Maybe we could have a ‘football zone/area’ for the children

· More equipment for the goal?

· Could there be a designated adult to be the ‘referee’ for the football zone? Could they have a red and yellow card? Yellow = warning and red = 5 minutes ‘time out’?

· More equipment? Spare footballs in case the football goes over?

Monday 16th October 2023

We had another very important meeting this week…we met with one of the assistant headteachers, Mrs Sparrow, to feedback on the first week of our new lunchtime initiatives. She was extremely impressed with the hard work and commitment we have shown in improving lunchtime provision. After our meeting we arranged for Mr Greenfield, our sports leader, to deliver an assembly all about football rules. We agreed that we will continue to monitor the effectiveness of the new football system and we may even introduce it to other year groups…let’s wait and see!

Monday 30th October 

We had another very important meeting this week…as it was the first meeting from Term 2, we discussed the agenda for this month. Some of us had brilliant ideas that we would discuss in future meetings. We also monitored the football on the playground, making sure all children are following the rules and playing safely. We are even thinking on implementing our spectacular ‘football zone’ in Year 1! We are going to have a very exciting Term 2. 

Monday 6th November 

We had another very important meeting this week…During our weekly meeting we discussed the importance of the Poppy Appeal and why people donate money to the campaign. We then organised ourselves into small groups so we could go around the school collecting the children’s donation in return for an item. Then we agreed that two year 2 and two year 1 children would go everyday around the infants’ school collecting the money for the Poppy Appeal. We also sent an email to all the teachers explaining how we have organised it and asking for their support.