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It’s a very important week this week because…we are raising money for Children In Need! We spoke to our classes and decided that we should have a ‘wear something spotty’ day on Friday where everyone can bring in a donation and dress up! We made some flyers and took them back to our classes where we got a chance to speak to the rest of the class and remind them to bring in a donation and wear something spotty this Friday. We can’t wait to see what everybody wears and how much money we raise! Here’s a picture of us working together to create some of our lovely flyers.


12/10/21 – 19/10/21

Brrrr, it’s getting chilly! Over the last couple of weeks we have been thinking really carefully about how to keep everyone at school safe, and what we can do to make sure that everyone is coming into school to join in with their learning. We noticed that as the weather changes the nasty germs can make an appearance, so we went back to our classes to ask them what they thought we could do to make sure that we are preventing children and grown-ups from getting poorly as much as we can. When we got back together and shared our ideas we decided to make some really bright, colourful posters to put up in each class to remind everyone about how important handwashing and sanitizing is to stop the germs from spreading. Our posters were beautiful and Mrs Larcombe even managed to get them laminated for us!


After writing a great email last week, School Council are pleased to announce that they have helped to organise….for a real life jazz band to come in and play for our school! We are very proud of ourselves for helping to do this and we cannot wait to break the news to the rest of our friends back in our classes. What an exciting opportunity for everybody this will be!

WIS Needs You…

Wow!  What a fantastic first few weeks back at school.  Not only have we been busy settling into our new classes and getting to know our new teachers, but we have also been nominating ourselves to be members of the new school council!  We had to fill in a form with our name and class, as well as a comment explaining why we think we would make fantastic school councillors.  We posted our forms into the ballot box in the Year One corridor.  All of the slips were then put into a big pot and our teachers picked two from each class, so... meet our brand new school council members!

Theo and Adheeya – Elephants

Louie and Mikaela – Kangaroos

Michelle and Nancy – Koalas

Olivia and Mylee – Phoenix

Max and Nancy – Unicorns

Joshua and George – Dragons

Edward and Isabelle – Pegasus

Lewie and Lauren – Giraffes

18th September 2019 - Welcome!

In our first meeting we got to know each other a bit more by introducing ourselves and sharing our fantastic ideas about school council.  We talked about some very pressing issues, like how we can keep the school even tidier and make it safer for everyone.  We also spoke about how we can make sure that everybody is staying well and looking after themselves so that we are all in school and ready to have fun learning every day!

From our discussion we came up with a fantastic idea and now have our first, very important job coming up… can you guess what it might be about?  Watch this space!

2nd October 2019

This week was a very exciting week for our school council.  When we arrived at our meeting we received our very own, super special school council badges!  They are very shiny and we feel extremely proud to wear them.  We also had a special visitor… Mrs Larcombe came and joined us and she was very impressed by our fantastic ideas.

Miss Tart and Miss Healy shared some of our great ideas from our last school council meeting on how to make our school even shinier.  We were given the job of choosing the prize for the ‘97% or more’ attendance draw, which will take place at the end of term.  We talked about our budget for the prize and had a think about the different things we could buy with that amount of money.  We used the iPads to have a look at different websites with things that we thought might make a good prize, and we even looked at some catalogues and magazines to help us decide.  We had to be careful though, as we came to realise that some things that we thought would make a good prize were a little bit out of our price range!

It was a tricky job but we came up with some brilliant ideas for the ‘97% or more’ prize that we hope the lucky winner will LOVE.  If you have 97% or more in your attendance then it could even be you!  Stay tuned for the big reveal…

16th October 2019

Back To The Future

Wow, what an exciting week at Willesborough Infant School!  The school council have been very busy organising bits from each year group to pop in our very own Willesborough Infant School time capsule.  We brainstormed some ideas together about what things each year group could put inside.  We came up with:

  • Numicon
  • Dienes
  • Coloured paper
  • Felt pens
  • Photograph of an ipad
  • Books
  • Word mats – tricky word and sound mat

These are just some of the things that we use in school to help us with our learning.  We did think about putting an iPad in too but these cost a lot of money so we decided on a photograph of one instead.  We think that whoever finds this in the future might be slightly puzzled to find the Numicon and the Dienes… unless they still use them!

We then looked at a map of the school and put an ‘x’ to ‘mark the spot’ to indicate where to bury the time capsule.  We all agreed it had to be somewhere where Rob can easily dig a hole for us.  School council also took charge of deciding what was going to be written on the time capsule sign.  In the end we decided on something quite simple but very effective…

’Willesborough Infant School Time Capsule 2019’

Our final job is yet to come… on Friday we will be collecting all of the bits from around the school that are going in the time capsule, including all of the letters from the children.  We are very excited and proud to have such an important role in this exciting week! 

11th November 2019 - Terrific Term Two

We have had a very busy and very productive start to term two here at WIS school council HQ!  To kick start our term, we decided to raise awareness about two very special events coming up; Remembrance Day and Children in Need!

We talked about what these events meant and why they are important to us as a school.  The school council decided to make special posters to put up around the school, to make sure that everyone knows about these events.  We worked hard to make beautiful collages and added helpful information to the posters to remind children and grown-ups about what WIS are doing for Remembrance Day and Children in Need. Then we put the posters up all over the school so nobody could miss them!  Look out for our amazing posters; I wonder how many you can spot...

25th November 2019 - WIS Wildlife Inspection!

With the days getting much colder, school council thought it would be a good idea to conduct a WIS Wildlife Inspection to see how wild-life friendly our school is.  We decided to focus particularly on our hedgehog friends because we know that hedgehogs are endangered and they will be looking for some safe places to hibernate this winter!  We thought carefully about what kinds of things make a ‘wildlife-friendly’ area and went around the school hoping to spot any of these features.  We identified lots of things like birdfeeders and even a hedgehog house!  Mrs Larcombe came with us and she was also very impressed.  When we got back we talked about all the fantastic things we noticed and also thought of some ‘even better ifs’ to help make our school even more wild-life friendly.  Miss Tart then helped us write up our findings from our inspection into a special report.  We decided to give a copy of it to Mrs Rusbridge, the ‘Green Gang’ and Mr Greenfield (who is in charge of helping us create more ‘hedgehog highways’ around the garden) so that they could see all the super things we are doing at WIS to help look after our wildlife.  If you would like to see our report you can find it in the school council folder in the foyer.

Happy hibernating, Hedgehogs!


11th December 2019

Festive fun!

We have been busy spreading festive cheer this week here at WIS.  We had a chat about all the things we care about at Christmas, and how special this time of year can be for lots of people.  We thought about how we could spread our cheer, not just at school but in our local community too… and we came up with a great idea!

We knew that the school choir were going to visit Montfort Manor care home in Kennington, so we thought that we would design and make some very special Christmas cards and decorations that can be put up there.  We thought this might be a good way to spread Christmas cheer!

We got to work like little elves using lots of glitter, so now we have some fantastic Christmas cards and decorations to send.  We will be sending our creations with Nancy, who is not only part of school council but is also part of the choir.  She has kindly offered to deliver them for us as a representative from WIS School Council.

We have also been busy receiving our very special ‘WIS School Council Certificates of Excellence’, as our time as school councillors has come to an end!  Miss Tart has been extremely impressed with our ideas and hard-working attitude and would like to thank all members of the school council for doing such a fantastic job over the last two terms.

Next term, Miss Tart will be looking for some new school council members… if you think you’ve got what it takes you will be able to nominate yourself in the new year.  How exciting!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Miss Tart and the WIS school council members


New year, new us!

With the start of a new year comes some fantastic new school council members!  We have been busy nominating ourselves to be members of the new school council by filling in a form with our name and class, as well as a comment explaining why we think we would make fantastic school councillors.  We then posted our forms into the ballot box in the year one corridor.  Then all of the slips were put into a big pot and our teachers picked two from each class….

After the school council members were announced they had their first school council meeting.  We also have another very special member of school council… Mrs Rusbridge!  We are very lucky to have Mrs Rusbridge as part of our school council.  She is extremely excited to hear our amazing ideas.

Some of you may have also noticed that there are more school council members this term… that’s because Reception children have now joined!  We are very lucky to have such responsible children here at WIS and we are excited for what’s to come.

Freddy and Lillian – Hedgehogs

Lydia and Charlie – Owls

Ruby and Zahra – Foxes

Ivy and Leo - Squirrels

Henry and Jasmine – Giraffes

April and Austin – Elephants

Swaranjan and Poppy – Kangaroos

Emilia and Ioannis – Koalas

AJ and Jeyda – Phoenix

Daisy and Cooper  – Unicorns

Mia and Alice – Dragons

George and Zoe – Pegasus

22nd January 2020 - Welcome!

Our first school council meeting with our new members was a very busy one!  We got to know each other by introducing ourselves and sharing some of our fantastic ideas for school council.  Mrs Rusbridge explained that we are continuing to support our animal charity this term (the Blue Cross) and that she has bought some raffle tickets to enter us into a competition to win some money for the school.  We thought about what we could spend the money on if we won and we came up with some fantastic ideas, like some new whiteboard pens or maybe even some laptops!

Mrs Rusbridge was impressed with our ideas and noted them all down to take back and discuss with Mrs Larcombe, our finance officer.  We were especially concerned with making sure there are enough working whiteboard pens for each class to use, so Mrs Rusbridge was going to find out how much of our money is spent on new pens, and whether we could justify anymore.  It was also agreed that to make sure we aren’t wasting any, we must make sure we always put the lids on properly and look after our things.  We decided that we would remind the rest of our classes about this too.   

We know that we might not win the money but even so, Mrs Rusbridge still has some of our amazing suggestions that could be useful in the future!  

What an eventful first meeting!  I don’t know about you, but we have a feeling that 2020 is going to be a busy one…

29th January 2020 - WIS Book Look

This week we all decided to bring our own ‘Let’s Explore’ books to share with the rest of school council.  We were very excited to show each other what we have been up to since Term 1, it was especially interesting to see what we learn about in reception, year one and year two!  We had a chat and thought about our favourite learning so far.  We especially loved being geographers in year one and going on our local Willesborough Walk.  In year two the puppet making had been very popular and in reception the Teddy Bear’s Picnic was a hit!

We loved seeing how much we have learned so far and how we build on our learning and make lots of connections from reception to year two!  We also had a think about what we would like to learn more about and how we can make our books even better!  Miss Tart helped us type this up into a special report for Mrs Rusbridge and the teachers.


Health and Safety Follow-up!  26th February 2020

After our successful health and safety inspection last week we invited Mrs Larcombe, the head of health and safety, to feedback what we found out. We were very positive because there were lots of shiny things that make our school very safe. We did pick out a few things to report back to Mrs Larcombe as some ‘even better ifs’…like thinking about how we can keep the cloakrooms even more tidy, and how we can prevent germs spreading around the school so pupils and teachers don’t get poorly. We decided that as school council members it was our duty to encourage children to keep their cloakrooms as tidy as possible and wash our hands with soap to stay healthy so we decided to make some posters to put up around the school to remind everyone of this. Mrs Larcombe thought this was a very good idea and was impressed with our feedback from our health and safety walk.

We also finally received our very special school council badges! We have been eagerly anticipating their arrival and now they are finally here we are very proud to wear them. Here is a photo of us wearing them proudly.

12th March 2020

This week in our school council meeting we were lucky enough to have Mrs Sparrow, our maths leader, join us!  We decided that it would be a good idea to bring our maths books along so that we could have a look through them and think about all of the wonderful maths learning we do here at Willesborough Infant School.  As we were looking through them, we noticed lots of really fun learning that takes place in our maths lessons where we have lots of opportunities to apply our knowledge.  We really enjoyed talking to each other and Mrs Sparrow about maths and we loved being able to give our own opinions about our learning.  Mrs Sparrow made some notes and will let the teachers know what we said so that they can continue to create shiny maths lessons for us!