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At ‘The Willesborough Schools’ all children are artists.  Art is a crucial part of our pupil’s education.  Every child will know about the work of great artists, craft makers, designers and architects through history and understand the historical and cultural development of their art forms.  Our pupils will have regular opportunities to draw, paint, sculpt and create using a wide range of materials.  Every child’s art work is displayed, celebrated and enjoyed by others.

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At ‘The Willesborough Schools’ we believe arts and culture help our pupils to know who they are and engage with the world around them.  Within our curriculum we explore the best of what has been thought, said, written and created across all subjects including the arts.  Our children have a deep appreciation for human creativity and achievement.  They have the opportunities to equip themselves with knowledge and cultural capital which embraces our school ethos ‘shaping minds, shaping our world’.


Watercolour paintings inspired by J.M.W Turner

Unicorn class studied the lasting legacy of the famous British painter William Turner.  The ‘painter of light’ was unlike anyone else of his time creating stunning landscapes from his experiences sketching and painting 'en plein air', out in the open.  He did this in all weathers when everyone else was painting in their studios.  Turner was interested in modern technology and was nicknamed the first modern artist because of his messy, expressive style.  He still influences artists today who may have their work displayed in the Turner Contemporary near us in Margate!  We hope to make a visit there very soon.  We hope you enjoy the watercolour paintings of ‘Margate at sunset’ that Unicorn class created replicating his ‘radical and new’ style.  Perhaps someone in Unicorn class will win ‘The Turner Prize’ in the years to come …


Sun Setting over a Lake, Turner, 1840


Fruit and Vegetable Portraits inspired by Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Year One have been exploring the fascinating work of artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo.  His imaginative and quirky style challenged the observer to wonder whether he was painting portraits or still life!  Arcimboldo taught us that we must look more carefully and not take what we see at face value.  He also showed us that there can be a beautiful fusion of science and art.  His works displayed rare collections of flora and fauna, a ‘painted encyclopaedia’ of the natural world.  His work still inspires artists today to push the boundaries of art.  Koala class have created collaged fruit and vegetable face portraits similar to those painted by Arcimboldo.


 Vertumnus, Arcimboldo, 1591


Autumn Tree Collage using warm colour palettes

Autumn is here and Giraffe class have been looking carefully at the colours you see in nature at this time of year.  We learnt how the leaves change colour and found that many of these are warm colours such as red, orange and yellow.  We investigated these warm colours finding out if they were primary or secondary. These basic art skills helped Giraffe class to select appropriate colours for their Autumn Tree collages.  Giraffe class layered the different colours to represent leaves and drew on artistic tree trunks with their own individual flare which has created some stunning artwork that we have show cased below