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Year 1


Long Term Plan 2017-2018


Term 1 Topic Plan For Parents


Term 1

What an exiting start to our Year 1 Journey! 

We have enjoyed finding out more about our class animals and amazing everyone with our fun facts.  We learnt all about Hiccup the Viking in English and let our imaginations run wild reading the book 'The Journey'.  In Maths we have been practising counting and forming our numbers correctly.  We have begun learning more about addition and using Numicon and Dienes to help us.  We have been busy exploring our new 'Let's Explore' areas - we now get to choose to go to the corridor, yard, playground or stay in our classrooms!  We have been busy building Viking ships and testing them in the water.  Previous to this, we tested a range of different materials to see how strong, bendy and waterproof they were.

We have lots more learning to come! 


Term 2 Topic Plan For Parents


Term 2 

As the weather has turned colder Year 1 have started their new topic 'The Big Freeze!'  We began the term by looking at some of our favourite characters from the film Frozen and enjoyed describing their appearance and personality in our Writing.  The following week we were thinking about how exciting it would be if we had some snow this year... we used our magic to see if we could make it happen and to our surprise it worked!  We came up with some amazing adjectives to describe the snow during our 'snow machine' experience.  In Let's Explore we have been experimenting with ice cubes and discussing the journey it makes when it melts.  We designed outfits for colder climates and found out the most popular ice cream flavours in our class... yum yum!  In Maths we have been super whizzy, practising our addition and place value.  We have even been beginning to count in twos!  PE has been so much fun, learning new balances like the tree, aeroplane and the plank.  Lots more learning to come and our Christmas performances to look forward to!




Term 3 Topic Plan For  Parents


Term 3

This term our topic is WILD THING!  We have loved learning all about animals in Let's Explore!  We created our own piece of art based on an animal pattern and then talked about which animal it belonged to.  We learnt about the word 'camouflage' and how animals are so clever to disguise themselves in their habitat.  We have been reading and writing animal poems, spotting the nouns and verbs with our magnifying glasses!  We even wrote our own poems using these special words.  We are currently enjoying the book 'Where the Wild Things Are' and writing descriptions of the terrifying WILD THINGS!  In Maths we have been learning about money and making different amounts.  We have also had to use our previous knowledge of addition and place value to help us to solve tricky calculations.  In Phonics we have been practising our segmenting and blending whilst reading real and alien words, we are getting so good at it!  Lots more fun to come...!


Term 4 Topic Plan For Parents

Term 4

BREAKING NEWS: VEGETABLES TAKING OVER WIS!  We were shocked to return to school to find vegetables invading our school... we found them in the office, in the communication station and even in the garden!  We decided to be investigators and write a report of exactly what had happened using the evidence to help us.  In Maths we have been using our 'vegetable banks' to add vegetables together, turnip=1, onion=2, carrot=5 and potato= 10.  This really helped our counting in 2's 5's and 10's!  In dance we have started learning a 'Jack and the Beanstalk' dance creating actions for all the different animals he met at the market.  We enjoyed an Art day learning about the artist Georgia O'Keefe.  We created a painted piece using complimentary and contrasting colours based on flowers.  We are currently enjoying our Book Week activities and still have lots more learning to come!


Term 5 Topic Plan For Parents

Term 5

Once upon a time... there were lots of Year 1 children who loved learning!  We started this term so excited about our trip to Dover Castle!  We were pleased how well the day went and loved exploring the castle, we even managed to walk all the way to the top!  We have learnt lots of new and interesting facts about castles, Henry VIII and The Royal Family.  In maths we have been practising our multiplying and dividing and recording number sentences in relation to this.  In our PE lessons we have been pretending to be Kings and Queens and learnt a group dance that has been lots of fun!  We are super busy practising our reading skills at school and answering questions about the stories we read to help our understanding.  We are looking forward to our King and Queen dress up day and lots more to come!... 


Term 6 Topic Plan For Parents

Term 6

Term 6... can you believe it?!  Our final topic in Year 1 is, 'It's getting hot, hot, hot!'  So far we have enjoyed a trip to Folkestone, building sandcastles on the beach and making pebble sculptures.  It was such a lovely warm day of exploring!  Prior to visiting, we learnt about the different landmarks and places in Folkestone and wrote about them in English.  We had the chance to taste some delicious fish, chips, pickled onions and mushy peas then wrote some descriptive adverts to convince more people to buy them...they were so yummy!  In maths we have been taking orders from the 'fish shop' and finding the total of different amounts.  Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s have really helped us to count our money!  We are busy in P.E practising for Sports Day, which we are very excited about... we are keeping our fingers crossed for the sunshine!  In science we have been exploring different ways to build the 'perfect' sandcastle by experimenting with the amount of water and sand we need.  We then used this knowledge to build our sand castles on Folkestone beach!  Lots more fun to come!!