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Sports funding 

Every school receives an annual sports premium from the government.

The aim of this funding is to improve PE and sports programs offered by schools. The money allocated to each school is ‘ring fenced’, this means it cannot be spent on anything else.

Schools must spend their funding on improving their PE provision. Ofsted report on how the school has spent its funding and the impact this has had on raising standards in sport. Schools are required to publish how their funding has been used along with details of the breadth of the sports curriculum offered by the school.

Our Key Stage One Sports Curriculum is shown below:

Extra Curriculum Sporting Activites

  • Lunchtime Scooter Club

  • After School Football Club

  • After School Games Club

  • After School Cricket Club

  • Enrichment Sporting Days 2017/18

  • Dance Workshop

  • Yoga Workshop

  • Orienteering Workshop


Total Premium | £18,370

(Total spent - £18,270)

To view our PE Funding and Action Plan, please click the following link:

Sports Funding:
Evidencing the Impact of Primary PE and Sport Premium March 2018


Zumba for kids is a fitness programme, designed specifically for kids incorporating various types of exercises and dance moves. 

As well as the physical benefits of exercise, Zumba kids promote other key elements such as group work, confidence building, self-esteem, memory, creativity, co-ordination and balance, social skills and leadership.

Year 1 are enjoying keeping active with our Zumba sessions!  To warm our bodies up we have been busy playing a range of games that incorporate animal movements and sounds.  We then move on to completing an energetic Zumba routine that helps to develop our movement and co-ordination skills.




Foundation Stage and Year 2 were lucky enough to enjoy some Yoga workshops this term.  

Both Year groups enjoyed getting warmed up by playing fun yoga games and copying different balances.  Some yoga pose cards were even hidden around the hall waiting to be found and children had to copy the pose with their partners, it was so much fun! 

The yoga lessons were based around the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar', we began by being the 'little egg' rolling over from side to side on our yoga mats.  We wiggled into a caterpillar and gradually became a beautiful butterfly at the end of the lesson, learning different poses as the story developed.  We learnt about the importance of having time to 'relax' and concentrate on our deep breathing and how we could use this in the classroom to help with our learning!



Leaderships Games

Leadership games these past 2 terms has been so much fun! 

We have used lots of energy competing against each other in a number of games such as under and over with the ball and races that helped us to develop our running, jumping and hopping skills.  We even had to use our brains as well as our bodies when we were thinking of clever tactics to help us attack and defend in bench ball.  Our throwing and catching skills have really improved!