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Life at Willesborough Infant School Life at Willesborough Infant School Life at Willesborough Infant School Life at Willesborough Infant School Life at Willesborough Infant School Life at Willesborough Infant School Life at Willesborough Infant School Life at Willesborough Infant School Life at Willesborough Infant School


Foundation Stage (FS) or reception

Term 1 Topic Plan for Parents

Term 1 – Bears

Welcome to Willesborough Infant School!

We have all settled into school life quickly, making new friends and exploring our classrooms and outside areas. Our first topic is Bears and we were all given our very own Willesborough Infant School Bear on our home visit – we have to remember to bring it to school every day to help us with our learning.

We have really enjoyed reading and retelling stories about bears like Goldilocks and the Three Bears and We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. We made gloopy porridge, designed our own porridge bowls and even went on our own bear hunt in school! What do you think we saw?

Our grown up’s came in to have a Teddy Bear’s Picnic in school with us. We made Teddy Bear biscuits to share with our grown up – if they were lucky!

Term 2 Topic Plan for Parents

Term 2 – Our Colourful World!

What a colourful and noisy start to the term! Bang! Pop! Whizz! We have been creating our own colourful fireworks to decorate our classroom.

Do you know all 7 colours that you find in a rainbow? We have been using our eyes to find different objects in each of the rainbow colours. Can you think of an orange animal or a purple fruit? I wonder what colours you can see in your bedroom or garden.

During this term we have also been helping Elmer the Patchwork Elephant to get ready for Elmer day by designing different colourful outfits for all of his friends. We used stripes, spots, zigzags, spirals and many other different patterns.

Term 3 Topic Plan for Parents

Term 3 – When I grow Up…

What job would you like to have when you grown up? Maybe a brave firefighter or a kind nurse? Maybe you would like to be an astronaut and fly to space?

This term we have explored different jobs and we were lucky enough to have visits from many different visitors to tell us all about their jobs. We have seen a hairdresser, a surveyor, a doctor and we even had a visit from the fire fighters!

We finished this term with our Careers Day, where we all came dressed up as a job. Can you guess what we want to be when we grow up? Our grownups were invited in to take part in our careers fair.


The weather has been really cold this term and we have been exploring the ice we found outside. We were even lucky enough to have some SNOW! It wasn’t much, but we still managed to build a small snowman!


Term 4 Topic Plan for Parents

Term 4 – Fantastic Creatures

Throughout this term we will be learning about different creatures of all shapes and sizes, some of them are real and some of them are imaginary. I wonder where you would find these creatures? What is their habitat? What do they eat? What fantastic features do they have? Maybe they have purple prickles or a small, blue body! Perhaps they have an incredibly long neck or big sharp teeth! Let’s look for clues and go on a fantastic creature hunt!

Term 5 Topic Plan for Parents

Term 6 Topic Plan for Parents

Reception Power Point Presentations

How do Reception Children Learn Litercy(Click on this link)

How do Reception Children Learn(Click on this link)