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Foundation Stage (FS) 2017-2018



Long Term Plan 2017-2018

Term 1 Topic Plan For Parents


Term 1 – Bears

What a great start to our learning journey through Willesborough infant school.

We have all settled into school life quickly, making new friends and exploring our classrooms and outside areas.  Our first topic is Bears and we were all given our very own Willesborough Infant School Bear on our home visit – we have to remember to bring it to school every day to help us with our learning.

We have been very busy building homes for our bears and designing aeroplanes for our bears to go on holiday.  I wonder what our bears needed to pack in their bags for a hot country or a cold country.  We have really enjoyed reading and retelling stories about bears like Goldilocks and the Three Bears and We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.


Our grown up’s came in to have a Teddy Bear’s Picnic in school with us. We made Teddy Bear biscuits to share with our grown up – if they were lucky!



Term 2 Topic Plan For Parents


Term 2 – Awesome Autumn!

Bang! Pop! Whizz! What a noisy start to the term!  We have been creating our own colourful fireworks to decorate our classroom, making firework music and thinking of the best firework noises.

We have been exploring the wonderful world outside on our Autumn adventures.  We found and described so many different crunchy and pointy, colourful leaves and made our own leaf man using different shaped leaves, twigs, conkers, acorns and sycamore seeds.



We have also been exploring different autumn and winter vegetables, measuring and weighing them before deciding which vegetables we wanted to use to make a delicious vegetable soup.  I wonder which vegetables you would choose?  Perhaps a small, squishy, green pea or a big, hard, round pumpkin.


We are about to go on some adventures with Percy the Park Keeper as we watch to see what happens when Autumn turns to Winter.  I wonder if we will get snow this year…


Term 3 Topic Plan For Parents


Term 3

As part of this term's topic, 'On the Move', we have been thinking about different types of vehicles . Take a look at some of the vehicles we've painted.  We thought carefully about what features we'd need to include and tried hard to make them look like the real thing.




We have been very lucky to have Kent Fire Brigade come and visit us.  We were fascinated to find out more about their work and get a tour of their fire engine.  They showed us their hoses, masks and their "Jaws of Life", which they use to cut metal.  Most excitingly, we got to see their blue lights and hear the sirens!



We’ve had a very exciting visit from a campervan!  We were fascinated to learn that it has a bed on the top. You can even cook your dinner inside.  It’s over 50 years old!  We were lucky enough to sound the horn. Thank you to Mr Robertson for bringing it in to share with us.



We were also very excited to get to ride a bus this term.  We kept a tally of the different features.  It had 14 lights on it!  Our favourite bit was riding the bus and waving to our friends.




Term 4 Topic Plan For Parents


As part of our topic on Dinosaurs we have been learning all about fossils.  We have our own Dinosaur Digs in the classroom where we have been exploring different types of bones.  We have even made our own, thinking carefully about which type of bones each dinosaur would need.



We have painted our own dinosaurs, thinking carefully about their features. Can you guess which dinosaurs these are?




Snow Day!

We really enjoyed exploring the snow.  We loved making snowmen!  We brought some snow inside our classrooms to see what'd happen to it - It was great fun to explore before it melted.  It was so cold the water tray even froze!