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Children at Willesborough Infant School have access to a broad and balanced curriculum throughout the school day.  We strive to deliver a unique, creative, broad and enriching learning experience to all of our children.  Here are some examples that our children have had to engage in enrichment opportunities that shape their future aspirations.

Joe's Bows Falconry

Wow!  What an incredible experience we had when Joe's Bows visited to give us a falconry demonstration and talk about some of the incredible birds of prey.

Joe brought in a variety of birds of prey to link to our current 'Up, up and away' topic.

The birds were so well trained and they were all very majestic!  We saw Elf, a very small owl who weighs less than 4oz, Eva the hooded vulture who is one of the smallest breeds of vulture and Flash, a peregrine falcon who can fly at over 200mph!  We saw many more birds too and were interested to discover how birds of prey hunt, see and even fly differently, in comparison to other birds.  Did you know an owl cannot actually turn it's head all the way around, only 3/4 of the way - that's still very impressive!





Book Week Celebrations - March 2019

Another amazing book week at Willesborough Infant School!

Wow!  What an exciting week we had during our world book week.  We kicked the week off with an exciting visit to the book fair.  We saw lots of our favourite books for sale and saw some exciting new books we’ve not seen before too!

Each class chose a book they wanted to keep from the fair and are now enjoying these stories in their  classrooms.  Which book did your child's class choose?  Thank you to all the families who came to say hello to us and browse the book fair – we really enjoyed seeing you there.


Have you met Matt?

The children were thrilled by the visit of Matt Oldfield, our world book week author of 2019.  Matt specialises in writing books about footballers who are often thought of as heroes - he talks about how hard each footballer had to work to be as successful as they are today.


When working with Matt the children enjoyed hearing some of his stories and had the chance to talk about who their favourite football icons are.  They were able to ask him lots of questions about his career and where the inspiration for his books came from.  To finish off, the children thought carefully about their own personal hero and what makes that person so special!




Costume transformations

As always, the children looked absolutely incredible dressed up as their favourite book characters on Friday.  The adults working in the school really enjoyed dressing up too!  We know how much time, effort and pennies the costumes take so here is a big thank you to all the grown-ups who helped their child look amazing on this day.  During our Friday celebration assembly, all the children were part of a parade where they each had a chance to show off their costume to the rest of school.

A massive well done to this year’s costume winners!  Can you tell who they are dressed as?




Quiz Entries

We had an incredible amount of responses to the world book day quiz that was sent home – so many children worked hard to figure out all the answers to the questions.  Well done to everyone who joined in!


Road Safety Magic Show

Years one and two were visited by David Tricks.  The children were treated to a fantastic, fun filled Road Safety Show loaded with  important safety messages.  The children really enjoyed the engaging show and were very impressed with the magic.  The message about road safety was clear and the children understood the importance of staying safe on the roads.


Royal Wedding Celebrations

It was lovely to see the children dressed in red, white and blue for our Royal Day.  We spoke about why this was such a special day, in preparation for Prince Harry and Megan Markle's wedding on Saturday 19th May. We enjoyed a Royal lunch, sitting outside on the field with our teachers.  We then went back to our classes to enjoy a Royal afternoon with traditional English games including; welly throwing, tug of war and egg and spoon races.  Whilst this was taking place, children also had the opportunity to complete other activities including creating a Royal wedding invitation, decorating a wedding cake and creating a Union Jack flag. 


Throughout the week, children in all year groups have been designing and creating their own art craft activity to share with their adults in celebration of the Royal Wedding.  In Reception, children used a range of collage materials, paint and glitter to decorate a Union Jack flag.  In Year 1, children created and decorated a traditional English teapot, whilst Year 2 children drew a picture of themselves being Royal which was then made into a big crown collage.


It was a very exciting and busy week where the children have enjoyed extending their knowledge of our Royal Family and celebrating such a unique event. 


Visit to the RSPCA Garden Cattery in Ashford

As part of the year two topic on ‘Superheroes’ we have been looking at the lives of real life heroes such as local charity workers.  

We were visited by Maggie Thomas from the RSPCA Garden Cattery in Ashford.  She told us all about the amazing work of the charity in rehoming cats and kittens.  Some of us even got the chance to visit the cattery and loved spending some time with our new fluffy friends!


Visit from Steve Cooper from the Cry in the Dark Charity 

Steve Cooper from the Cry in the Dark charity visited us.  He told us all about the charities work through 'compassion in action',  bringing hope to children and their families in isolated communities in Romania.




Mrs Sarah Francis, one of our year two parents, was invited to Steve’s presentation.  Mrs Francis works for the Football Premier League and, every year, the company gives each employee a very generous sum of money to donate to a charity of their own choice.  After hearing about the work of the charity from her daughter, Mrs Francis decided to donate her £500 to Cry in the Dark.


Ursuline Dance Workshop

Students from Ursuline Dance School spent the day with pupils from our school.  

Children were taught dance routines and had the chance to show off their creativity.  This was an exciting day for all the children and we were happy to be able to support the dance students in preparation for their dance teaching exams.



Kimberley Renicks (GB Judo Athlete) visit

All children participated in 'fast pace circuits' and the atmosphere was electric!

Congratulations to Willesborough Infant School for raising £1,413.15 in sponsorship money for aspiring GB athletes and sports equipment for our school.

A special thank you to the children who raised over £35 of sponsorship money.

These children received a signed polaroid picture with Kimberley.


Enrichment Opportunities for Year 2

Here are some of the opportunities year two experience in their enrichment afternoon which happens every Wednesday.  We offer a whole host of wider opportunities ranging from learning to become a ‘tiny teacher’; learning to lead in leadership games; the importance of first aid; knowledge and understanding of the world; writing newsletters in ‘press gang’; and computing.  Read below to find out in more detail what these enrichment sessions entail.




Tiny Teachers

In tiny teachers, year two pupils have the opportunity to discuss the skills of a teacher and carry out these skills with pupils from Reception.  This includes:

  • Discussing the expectations of behaviour
  • Finding and using resources that will support the children
  • Practise telling stories out loud for an audience
  • Researching what Reception children like to do by asking them questions
  • Making a board game to play with younger children
  • Interacting with other children and giving them tips to support
  • Designing a questionnaire to find out what makes children in Reception happy


Leadership Games

Leadership games is another opportunity for pupils to take part in sporting activities.  These sessions help our pupils to improve their communication skills, gross and fine motor skills and work as part of a team.  We create circuit courses for pupils to complete, play fun engaging games and take part in relay races as well as learning the skills appropriate to play hockey and football.


First Aid

During First Aid, the children are given the opportunity to recognise possible risks and hazards out and about, as well as in their home, in order to keep themselves safe.  Pupils are then shown how to deal with situations if they do arise, such as burns or broken bones and who to call in an emergency.  



Computing allows pupils to further develop their skills and knowledge of computing.  During the enrichment time, the children enjoy using a range of resources including Laptops, i-Pads and Bee-bots.  We cover E-safety and children learn what to do if they feel unsafe online.  We also look at programming using a variety of software.  The children learn what an algorithm is and how to debug programs to ensure they run correctly.  They learn how to write their own program using Scratch software to create and play each other's games to peer assess each other's work. 


Knowledge and Understanding of The World

These sessions give pupils more opportunities to learn about the wider world and how other people live. The children research different countries and their famous landmarks and present this information in a variety of ways.  They also discuss environmental issues like recycling, water usage and being more eco-friendly.  Pupils also have the opportunity to be the Prime Minister for a day and learn to work as a team to design and construct a bridge.


Press Gang

Each term at Willesborough Infant school a group of our year two children, known as the Press Gang, get together and, with the help of Mrs Dhamrait, write a newsletter.  They decide on the content and write each of the pieces themselves.  They even get to interview a member of staff!  Please click on the links below to view these newsletters.

Term 1 - Super Snakes October 2018

Term 2 - Perfect Pandas December 2018

Term 3 - Clever Cats February 2019




Pantomime - November 2017


Oh no we didn’t!

Oh yes we did!


The infants and juniors had a great treat at the end of term 2 when a pantomime came to town!

This fun, colourful and dynamic performance of Peter Pan had us all clapping, singing, cheering and booing from the word go!

The wonderful costumes, superb scenery and magical special effects all combined to deliver an electric atmosphere which enthralled us all!


Great Fire of London Workshops

Using drama, music and movement this workshop transported the children back in time to the Great Fire of London in 1666.  

The children were engaged from the word go.  They met some famous people from the past, such as Samuel Pepys, King Charles II and Thomas Fariner.  The children improvised the start of the fire in Pudding Lane and learnt the Great Fire of London rap.  This was a fascinating workshop about London’s disastrous fire and the children loved every minute of it!



Year Two Visit to the Science Observatory

What a fantastic trip to the Science Observatory Year 2 had!  There was so much to do, it was difficult fitting it into one day!

During the bridge building workshop, we all had to co-operate with each other to build a wooden truss bridge.  We made such a good job of it that we were able to walk across it once it had been assembled!

The Discovery Park was amazing!  We absolutely loved exploring the large interactive exhibits.  It was like a ‘Science Playground' where we learnt about forces, movement, genetics and sound.

In the Water Planet area we explored the fascinating world of water and how we use it.  We built dams, explored water pressure using pipes and connectors, saw the patterns a fountain makes as you turn the taps on and off and created locks and canals. 

In the afternoon, we watched a Science Show where we learnt all about space.  It was really exciting and even explosive in places!

We had a super day!


Year One Visit to Wingham

Trip day finally arrived and we were all looking forward to it! 

We were lucky enough with the weather that the sun kept shining all day.  We left the school at 9 o'clock, jumped on the coach and off to Wingham we went, enjoying spotting the 'Wingham' signs as we got nearer.

All the classes attended an animal encounter workshop, where we were shown a snake, a lizard and a tarantula.  Some children were even brave enough to put the snake around their neck or let the tarantula walk across their hands!

We spent the rest of the day looking around the park and seeing tigers, lions, flamingos, chimpanzees, lemurs and so much more!  We had such a fantastic day and want to say a huge thank you to our parent helpers that came with us, without you our trip would not have been possible. Thank you :)

Yoga Workshops

Reception and Year Two children took part in yoga workshops.  

Both Year groups enjoyed getting warmed up by playing fun yoga games and copying different balances.  Some yoga pose cards were even hidden around the hall waiting to be found and children had to copy the pose with their partners, it was so much fun!  The yoga lessons were based around the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'; we began by being the 'little egg' rolling over from side to side on our yoga mats.  We wiggled into a caterpillar and gradually became a beautiful butterfly at the end of the lesson, learning different poses as the story developed.  We learnt about the importance of having time to 'relax' and concentrate on our deep breathing and how we could use this in the classroom to help with our learning!

Science Dome

During our topic of Dinosaurs, reception children had a visit from the science dome.

They explored dinosaur models, fossils and eggs before entering the dome and going back in time to the Jurassic period.  They learned about different dinosaurs and joined some explorers on the hunt for dinosaurs.  The children were really excited and inspired to learn more!

What a fantastic start to our dinosaur topic!