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Aspirational Enrichment

Year 2 Visit to the Science Observatory

What a fantastic trip to the Science Observatory Year 2 had! There was so much to do, it was difficult fitting it into one day!

During the bridge building workshop, we all had to co-operate with each other to build a wooden truss bridge. We made such a good job of it that we were able to walk across it once it had been assembled!

The Discovery Park was amazing! We absolutely loved exploring the large interactive exhibits. It was like a ‘Science Playground' where we learnt about forces, movement, genetics and sound.

 In the Water Planet area we explored the fascinating world of water and how we use it. We built dams, explored water pressure using pipes and connectors, saw the patterns a fountain makes as you turn the taps on and off and created locks and canals. 

In the afternoon, we watched a Science Show where we learnt all about space. It was really exciting and even explosive in places!

We had a super day!

Year 1 Visit to Wingham

Trip day finally arrived and we were all looking forward to it! We were lucky enough with the weather that the sun kept shining all day. We left the school at 9 o'clock, jumped on the coach and off to Wingham we went, we enjoyed spotting the 'Wingham' signs as we got nearer.

All the classes attended an animal encounter workshop, where we were shown a snake, lizard and tarantula! Some children were even brave enough to put the snake around their neck or let the tarantula walk across their hands.

We spent the rest of the day looking around the park and seeing tigers, lions, flamingos, chimpanzees, lemurs and so much more! We had such a fantastic day and want to say a huge thank you to our parent helpers that came with us, without you our trip would not have been possible. Thank you :)

Foundation Stage and Year 2 were lucky enough to enjoy some Yoga workshops this term. Both Year groups enjoyed getting warmed up by playing fun yoga games and copying different balances. Some yoga pose cards were even hidden around the hall waiting to be found and children had to copy the pose with their partners, it was so much fun! The yoga lessons were based around the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar', we began by being the 'little egg' rolling over from side to side on our yoga mats. We wiggled into a caterpillar and gradually became a beautiful butterfly at the end of the lesson, learning different poses as the story developed. We learnt about the importance of having time to 'relax' and concentrate on our deep breathing and how we could use this in the classroom to help with our learning!

Science Dome

Foundation Stage had a visit from the science dome in March. They explored dinosaur models, fossils and eggs before entering the dome and going back in time to the Jurassic period. They learned about different dinosaurs and joined some explorers on the hunt for dinosaurs. They children were really excited and inspired to learn more about dinosaurs! What a fantastic start to our dinosaur topic!


Maths Challenge and Puzzle Day

On Tuesday 24th January, Riley, Jack, Lui, Fraser and Mrs Sly went to Downs View Infant School to experience a Maths Challenge and Puzzle Day. They worked alongside children from many different schools to solve challenging puzzles to crack codes and win tasks! Please read below to hear about their exciting day!