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Children's School Council

We had a Great British Red Nose Day which was led by the School Council. It raised just over £500. The British Government will double that so it's £1000!
At Willesborough Infant School we involve the children in aspects of school life including school planning and improvement. During 2014 the School Council helped to appoint new staff including a new Headteacher.

The children develop an understanding of democratic systems through first hand involvement in school leadership, management and development. This is cascaded to their peers within their classes and the school as a whole.

Our School Council Representatives this year are:

  • Dexter - Starfish
  • Lenny - Seahorses
  • Paige - Dolphins
  • Daisy- Turtles
  • Dexter - Dragonflies
  • Layton  - Owls
  • Isobella - Bees
  • Hollie - Ladybirds
  • Chloe - Ducklings
  • Sophie - Hedgehogs
  • Jarad - Otters
  • Fraser & Zuzia - Butterflies

Here are some of their thoughts and ideas so far this year:

  • They would like to make the school hall bigger
  • They like the new school values, 'Wonder, inspire and shine'
  • They like the new assemblies and pictures that go with them
  • They would like to paint a wall in the hall gold to fit in with our value of 'shine'
The school council visited Brewers in October to choose the paint they would like for the "Shiny Wall" they are designing in the school hall.  Please have a look at the photos of their trip.
They have chosen Albany paint colour 6840.  This will be the base colour for the wall before they add more decoration to it.  We will let you know when it has been painted so you can come and have a look.   
We must say a huge thank you to Brewers who kindly donated the paint to the school without charge. 
Please click on the image to play the slide show of the children visiting Brewers.














 James from Silcocks has said after the wonderful phone call from the school councillors he will paint the "Shiny Wall" for FREE!


Foundation Stage/Reception Join the School Council Meeting (6 images)

This week we invited Foundation Stage to join school council. In our meeting we prepared what we needed to tell them and Mrs Payne wrote notes to help us remember. After lunch we went with our notes to the Foundation Stage classrooms and talked to them about school council. They were very excited and after they have voted next week we will have 4 new members. Please look at our notes and photos to see us in action!

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Children phoned Silcocks Decorators (7 images)

Today (Friday 5th December) we rang the decorators Silcocks to ask for a quote for them to come and paint the school "Shiny Wall" for us. We wrote a list together of these we needed to ask and say. Then we practised making the phone call with a partner. Finally we made the phone call. It was quite tricky to hear as the line was quiet but luckily they said Yes". They will come and visit us on Monday to see the hall and exactly what we would like.

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Today (Thursday 11th December) we judged the "design the school hall hatch" competition.


The winner was Lenny Baxter from the Seahorses because of the school theme he incorporated it into his design.


Runners up were "Isabelle Simmons - Otters".


and the other entry was unnamed please let us know if it was you!!!!! 


School Council Minutes

Friday 6th February 2015


Today we named the guinea pigs…

   Wonder                      Inspire                        Shine



We also made sure they were cleaned out and given lots of cuddles.

We laid out their food and cleaned their water bowl.

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